Think Like a Goose

“I was there when he established the heavens, when he drew the horizon on the oceans.”
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭8:27‬ ‭

It’s go time.

For the geese, that is.

Millions of geese are on their way south from their nesting grounds in northern Saskatchewan, and a huge proportion of these will fly directly over my yard in the next few weeks.

The annual goose fest is on.

Groups often go back and forth over our property, feeding in the nearby fields and then bedding down along the shores of Big Quill Lake just a few miles south of our yard.

It’s a noisy way to celebrate limits.

See, these geese can handle the cold. Their bodies can withstand a lot more than folks would think. It’s not the winds or the snow or the frigid thermometer that drives them south.

It’s the lack of food.

Snow itself may be an inconvenience to these feathered friends, but it’s the job it does in covering anything edible that takes the cake.

Literally – snowfalls covering all available nutrition pretty much is a game changer.

They know their limits.

So off they flock – taking turns bearing the brunt of the strongest air resistance in the front, working as a team until they get to a location that looks less like a really bad starvation diet plan.

My question to you is – do you know your limits?

Do you listen to them? Honour them? Wisely accommodate and accept them?

See, God set up the earth as a lesson plan to illustrate limits. Boundaries, if you will.

In these verses in Proverbs, ‘wisdom’ is speaking. She was present when God set up the boundaries of the sea and sky. He made sure that each knew where it ended and the other began.




You and I have them, too. We are finite critters. We get tired. We run out of patience. We get fed up. Our resources are not boundless.

We need to know what they are in order to wisely keep in step with them and work with them rather than against them.

Some geese find winter sources of food. They don’t migrate. They are well able to handle the rigours of our harsh winters if only they are fed.

You and I can handle more than we think.

But we need to be fed through the tough places so that we can withstand the harsh conditions life sometimes tosses our way.

Or –

Or we need to understand our weaknesses well enough to get ourselves out of the way of temptation, remove ourselves from dangerous or toxic situations.

It takes wisdom, doesn’t it?

Maybe you and I need to start thinking like a goose.

Get to know (and respect) your limits better with me?

Father, we weren’t created to live in toxic surroundings or survive without our basic needs being met. Yet we force ourselves to hold on and power through when we are being damaged! Give us the wisdom to know when to move to safer territory – and the strength to say no to what won’t feed or sustain our health and well being. Amen.

Published by melodylowes

I am actually a bit of a mess. But in the mess, I’m finding security in knowing I am chosen, I am forgiven, and I matter. After uncovering a history of abuse in my past, I have done a lot of healing - and writing is one way I can invite you deeper into your own healing journey! I write devotionals about the complicated thing called life at, and my poetry is stashed at Pull up a chair and a coffee or tea and let's grow together!

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