Signs of Spring

“Then the way you live will always honor and please the Lord, and your lives will produce every kind of good fruit. All the while, you will grow as you learn to know God better and better.”
‭‭Colossians‬ ‭1:10‬ ‭

Aren’t these wee flowers just like a burst of spring sunshine?

They’ve bravely poked their noses out from the cold soil, enduring night frosts and snow – yes, snow – to smile at me as brilliantly as they can.

One of the first signs of spring, these. I always know planting season is right around the corner when these beauties bloom.

After he winter we’ve had – and the snow (did I mention the snow?) – I’m so ready for a sign of spring. A sign that the cold days of winter are over. A sign that a season of growth and gains and grace is upon us.

This verse in Colossians follows on the heels of a magnificent prayer by the apostle Paul:

“So we have not stopped praying for you since we first heard about you. We ask God to give you complete knowledge of his will and to give you spiritual wisdom and understanding.”
‭‭Colossians‬ ‭1:9

He prays for his friends in the city of Colosse that they would have complete knowledge of God’s will.


In the following verse we get the answer.

Then the way you live will always honor and please the Lord, and your lives will produce every kind of good fruit…”

Or in this case, flowers.

Something beautiful.

It is in getting to know God as He is, studying His character and habits, spending time seeking Him, that we grow. And this growth is not a weedy mess. Rather, it is a beautiful expression of all the rich characteristics of God that results – compassion. Kindness. Integrity. Joy.


Beautiful traits indeed.

Traits that our world desperately needs.


If you are looking for signs of spring in your own heart, you know what to do.

Me, too.

I’d better make some time today to spend with Someone delightful, so that some of that delight rubs off on me.

Spend time with God today with me?

Father, it is only in getting to know You that we will find signs of growth in our own hearts. Remind us to take time to read Your Word daily and pray so that Your beautiful character would filter into our own lives and produce beautiful things. Amen.

Published by melodylowes

I am actually a bit of a mess. But in the mess, I’m finding security in knowing I am chosen, I am forgiven, and I matter. After uncovering a history of abuse in my past, I have done a lot of healing - and writing is one way I can invite you deeper into your own healing journey! I write devotionals about the complicated thing called life at, and my poetry is stashed at Pull up a chair and a coffee or tea and let's grow together!

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